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What’s this all about?

Kevin volunteering for Make-A-WishWelcome to the Penguin Blog – not to be confused with the very famous publisher’s blog (the lawyers made me say that).

I’m Kevin Baughen and I have the pleasure of being the founder of Bottom Line Ideas.  I’m also a marketer with 20 years experience of seeing the good, the bad and the ugly of how commercial and not for profit organisations engage with their audiences.  And that means I’ve learned as much about how not to do things as how to do things well.

I’ve done most roles from junior assistant up to Global Director and the only truism I’ve seen is that organisations who integrate marketing communications into their core activities (fundraising, volunteering, commercial operations etc) are the most successful and most sustainable.

The Penguin Blog is generally all about the not for profit world as that’s where I spend all of my time and energy these days.  It’s also about thinking a bit differently about some familiar things as change for change’s sake gets right up my nose.

If I manage to hold your interest,  engage in some interesting conversations and on occasion make a few people feel uncomfortable by challenging the status quo, I’ll consider that a win.  But to do that, I need to know what you think and feel so please do share your thoughts on whatever we write about.

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