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2013 Christmas Fundraising campaigns… heavyweight fundraising packs


It’s usually after Christmas that we get that bloated feeling but here’s a picture of the Macmillan Christmas appeal received last week, containing  (to the tune of 12 days of Christmas everyone…):

one branded outer envelope

one ‘stock’ letter from Beverly the nurse

two free Christmas cards

two free envelopes

one free calendar

one free bookmark

one response envelope

one free car sticker

one free flat pen

15 free personalised address labels

one campaign flyer

…and a partridge in a pear tree.

Macmillan 2013 Christmas campaign

The information was generally sound (part 4 on data), the branding clear and the ask simple to follow and directly associated with tangible benefits for people living with cancer.  But do I really need eight free gifts in one pack (OK six if I count the cards and envelopes as the same thing)?  I support MacMillan with a series of cash donations but I didn’t have the will to work through the letter, the flyer and all the other double-sided stuff.  Perhaps it’s too much?

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