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Choose your charity celebrities wisely


We’ve written about this topic before across a number of blogs but here’s a belting example from this very morning of why you should think carefully about using celebrities.

Here’s a snippet from my email invitation to the Chain of Hope Ball and there are three things wrong with it from my perspective:Chain of Hope Ball invitation

  1. The fist two scrolls are full of celebrities darling, and nothing about what the event is for ie; the cause you’re asking me to support
  2. The celebrities and entertainment picked seem to be the product of who was available rather than targeted at the (likely) wealthy attendees in any cohesive manner
  3. Jeffrey Archer is a convicted perjurer.  A liar on a significant level… and I’m supposed to be impressed that he is running the  charity auction!

And let me add that not putting the price for tickets anywhere doesn’t make your event seem exclusive in the ‘Tattler society page’ way that you hope it does… it makes you seem like you haven’t really targeted your audience well enough to send this kind of email invitation.

So, don’t use liars to promote your cause, don’t assume your audience thinks your cause is less important than rubbing shoulders with ‘celebrities’ (because it isn’t) and try to target people who actually care.  Rant over.

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