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Are smaller organisations getting a raw deal in the Big Society?


I wrote an article for Society Guardian this week inspired by several experiences of working with smaller organisations who are trying very hard to support various communities and be part of the Big Society.  It seems central government are saying ‘we want small non-profits and social enterprises to help communities help themselves’.  But in reality, local government are precluded them from even getting a ticket to the game through procurement processes which simply aren’t aligned to Big Society ideals.

One charity I spoke to was not allowed to even tender for delivery of very localised advocacy services to disabled people because their turnover was less than half a million pounds.  Nothing to do with the fact that they could do the work, had all the local expertise required and were well-respected already in that particular community!

So how exactly are charities, social enterprises and civil society organisations supposed to make the Big Society idea a reality?

You can read the article in full on the Guardian’s social enterprise pages – do let me know what you think and add your views to the debate.


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