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Where are the Olympic tickets for UK fans?


I’m going to use this blog to rant – I’ve apologised in advance so here goes…

Why is the UK’s government the only one in the EU which slavishly sticks to all the rules and regulations? I was annoyed to see the BBC Sport article this morning which suggested that “Free trade laws mean [Olympic] tickets will go on sale to most European residents at the same time as they do to Britons.”


So, UK taxpayers have to pay for it… UK volunteers have to staff it to make sure the event actually runs at all… UK charities are putting hundreds of support programmes in place, the event will cause transport chaos if not total meltdown for people just trying to live and work in or around London… profiteering shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and garages will all put prices up for everyone.

And we aren’t even allowed first pick of tickets as a thank you or recompense.

British Olympic Authority and UK Government, please don’t suggest that the above predictions are nonsense as every Olympics in a capitalist country in the modern era has proven them to be true. I’ve checked.

How about you don’t insult our intelligence any further and let us have the pick of the tickets as host nation before the rest of the world steams in?  After all, we’re already paying for it in lots of ways.

Having seen the ticket price announcements today, it would also be nice to see an event or two without having to take out a mortgage!  Using statistics to hide the fact the best events will be very expensive and some of the less well-supported events free is just SPIN.

Prices here if you’re interested.  I just hope some host-nation fans will be able to attend and support this great institution but I think I will save my £700 and watch the sprint finals and the cycling on TV.

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